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What Age is Appropriate to Seek Chiropractic Care?

If you have a spine, chiropractic care is for you!  Our Eau Claire chiropractor and Ladysmith chiropractor(s) adjust patients of all ages.

The gentle adjustment of a child is often performed by the doctor holding the child or while placed on mom's tummy.

The gentle adjustment of a child is often performed by the doctor holding the child or while placed on mom’s tummy.

We experience spinal subluxations in the beginning of our lives; the birthing processes can be long with a lot of trauma for both mom and baby.  As we learn to hold our heads, our neck muscles are strengthening and with the use of ‘tummy time’ our cervical curves are forming.  While learning to crawl and walk, we take our fair share of tumbles.  As we walk, our lumbar curve is forming.  Throughout school, we play sports and go through stresses which are not only physical, but emotional and mental as well.  It is during our growth spurts that curves in our spine (scoliosis) can form.  Scoliosis’ can be improved by chiropractic care, more so when it is found at an early age.  Adults perform work maneuvers day in and day out, take care of their families, while finding time to do recreational activities- all of which can take a toll on spines.

Having a spine is the ONLY pre-requisite for chiropractic care, not solely pain.  We start to lose movement (subtly) and we start to accommodate to certain functions well before we have pain.  Believe it or not, we don’t see most of our patients at our Ladysmith chiropractic office or our Eau Claire chiropractic office until they are in the fourth or fifth decade of life.  It is around this time of life that we start to realize that we don’t heal or rebound from injuries as well as we used to.  Being as the spine has never been adjusted by this point, some degree of arthritis has set in.  Once arthritis is present, we are unable to ‘get rid of it’, at best we can preserve it.

Let us know when you are ready to prevent or slow the progression of arthritis.  We are ALWAYS accepting new patients at our Ladysmith and Eau Claire chiropractic clinics!

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Dr. Tozer highlights additional information on this topic in this informative video.

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