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Neck Pain Treatment

Man sitting at desk with neck painNeck pain affects every aspect of your daily living tasks. There are multiple reasons you could be experiencing neck pain.

Injuries such as sprains and strains due to falls, accidents, and traumas can irritate and inflame nerves and soft tissues in the cervical region. Insults to the soft tissues can lead to subluxations causing neck pain. Arthritis is the body’s version of wear and tear which can restrict joint range of motion and stiff muscles. Nerve irritation is caused by hypertonic (tight) muscles, arthritis, or injury and can lead to numbness or weakness in the arms, hands, and fingers. Postural changes affect our spine and muscles over time.

A thorough health history, orthopedic/neurologic examination, and x-rays will aid in determining the source of neck pain and appropriate treatment plan.

Chiropractors have access to modalities such as ultrasound, ice, heat, and electric stimulation and can instruct you on stretches and exercises that will be beneficial in your body’s ability to heal.

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Neck Pain Treatment in Eau Claire, Ladysmith, and Superior WI