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Sports Injuries

Woman rock wall climbingIt’s no fun sitting on the sidelines watching your teammates play. Whether injuries are overuse injuries, accidental injuries, or injuries due to aggressive play, chiropractic care can help your body heal to return to play.

The most common injuries are sprains and strains. Muscles are pushed past the point of their normal stretch and small or large tears occur. Chiropractic care is great for preventing injuries by keeping the joints mobile and muscles firing properly, but it is also beneficial post injury to decrease inflammation, encourage proper range of motion, and to strengthen the soft tissues during the healing process. Tendonitis and shin splints are types of overuse injuries. Controlling inflammation and irritation is key during the first stage of healing.

Strengthening and normal range of motion are more important in the later stages. Chiropractic care can assist athletes in returning to their sporting activities in a short amount of time through limiting inflammation with range of motion exercises and therapies such as ultrasound and electric stimulation, decreasing irritation and friction with taping techniques, and ultimately strengthening exercises to decrease the change of re-injury. Chiropractors assist in healing after concussions as well.

Nutrition is very important while concussions are healing and chiropractors can discuss supplements and dietary advice to aid in healing the nervous system. Chiropractors also have access to braces and other supports to protect the area while it is still healing.

Proper footwear is essential in sports (and everyday life). Our feet provide the foundation for our spine. Doctors of chiropractic can make suggestions on footwear and assess arches in the feet. Chiropractors often have access to arch supports and custom-made orthotics.

Chiropractors work in unison with athletic trainers, orthopedists, physical therapists, coaches, and athletes to allow the injured athlete to express their full potential.

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