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Chiropractic care for Children

Kids in dance classChiropractic sets your child up for a healthy immune system from the beginning. The birth process is physically taxing on not only mom, but baby, too.

Babies and children are newer to the world than adults and their muscles have not yet adapted to the stressors of life allowing them to respond quickly to gentle adjustments. Conditions that could be resolved by chiropractic adjustments include nursing issues, colic, ear infections, torticollis, excessive crying, and trouble sleeping.

Most people begin to see chiropractors for pain relief, but chiropractic has a deeper objective. Nerves branch off of our spinal cord and lead on to supply to our muscles, organs, and glands. If these nerves are being affected by subluxations due to stressors, we can have issues with our muscles, organs, and glands.

Babies can have digestive issues such as colic due to subluxations that affect the nerves in the low back region. Ear infections can be related to subluxations in their upper neck. Nursing can also be affected by the cervical region being out of alignment; babies won’t be able to turn towards their food source due to pain. Torticollis, or wry neck occurs after birth and can be related to the birthing process. Torticollis can affect older children; usually due to sleeping positions. Adjustments can correct the rotation of the neck and stretches given by your chiropractor can help relax the surrounding musculature.

Other methods that chiropractors can use to help babies include Iliothecal valve release (relieves constipation) and massage.

Important milestones of development can be monitored by your chiropractor. The only curve that we are born with is the midback or thoracic curve-imagine how babies are positioned in their mother’s womb. The cervical curve is developed by encouraging ‘tummy time’-allowing baby to hold his or her head up alone. The last curve to develop is the lumbar curve, which forms after your baby starts to crawl and walk.

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