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Sciatica Treatment

Woman sitting in with low back painSciatica is a pain in the buttocks, literally.

Sciatica is a form of low back pain combined with nerve irritation. Pain from the sciatic nerve being irritated radiates down the buttock and into the back of the thigh. Rarely does the pain go below the knee.

The sciatic nerve can be irritated by arthritis, hypertonic muscles, or postural alteration in the spine. Individuals with sciatica might have trouble sitting or riding in the car.

Chiropractic care works to decrease the pressure being put on the sciatic nerve through adjustments and soft tissue treatment. There are five nerves that stem from our low back to form the sciatic nerve. These five nerves: L4, L5, S1, S2, and S3 originate from our lumbar spine and sacrum, so either region can be subluxated and affect the sciatic nerve. Different leg lengths stress our pelvis, sacrum, and low back and can impact the sciatic nerve.

Chiropractors can take X-rays to determine a leg length discrepancy and degenerative and postural alterations in the skeletal system. Long-term chiropractic care can set the premises to restore proper curves in the spine. Nerves heal slowly at 2mm per day, so consistent care is very important in the initial stages of healing. As pain and radicular symptoms decrease, treatment frequency decreases and the focus is placed more on exercises to strengthen the low back to decrease the chance of re-injury.

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