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Self-Assessment for Neck Pain

One of the most common sources of neck pain is whiplash.  Most people associate whiplash with car accidents.  Whiplash is a product of a quick acceleration followed by abrupt deceleration.  If you’ve ever had a concussion, you’ve most likely had whiplash.  Slipping on ice can result in whiplash.  Aggressive contact in sports can also cause whiplash.

The after-affects of a whiplash injury can linger.  Whiplash affects the soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) in our necks and can result in subluxations.  After the soft tissues are no longer painful, vertebrae can still be left out of place.  Soft tissues may not be painful, but they can still be weak, stiff, or unable to function properly resulting in compensation. adults-1853851_1920

Examples of neck dysfunction are applicable to anyone; go ahead and check to see the range of motion in your neck!  If you noticed you are having pain with these movements or are unable to do them as well as shown, you would benefit from an adjustment from either our Eau Claire chiropractor or Ladysmith chiropractor(s).

  • Look in your mirror and tip your ear to your shoulder.  No, not bringing your shoulder to your ear; your ear/head are the only body parts that need to be moving.  Each side should be equal.
  • Pretend that you are checking your blind spots.  You need to look over your shoulder using your NECK ONLY.  If you find that you are using your eyes only to check or moving your upper body, you are most likely struggling with rotation in your neck.
  • A lot of us suffer from something called ‘anterior head carriage’, meaning our head is carried out in front of our shoulders.  Have someone compare the center of your shoulder with your ear canal.  Ideally, the two should line up.

Dr. Tozer highlights additional information on this topic in this informative video.

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