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Meet the Team at Imperium Chiropractic

What does “Caring is our Culture” mean to you?

Imperium chiropractic team standing outfront

Our Chiropractors

Our Staff

Robyn headshot

Robyn, Clinic Director

Creating an environment where every patient, every employee, every visitor, every vendor, and every person who we come in contact with feels like they matter.

Olivia headshot

Olivia, Chiropractic Assistant

Taking the time to establish a connection with each person that walks into our office and make them feel like they are more than just a patient, but rather a part of our community.

Kristen headshot

Kristen, Chiropractic Assistant

Working together as a team to provide a sense of compassion to the well-being of our patients and each other.

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Meet The Team at Imperium Chiropractic